Tuesday, October 19, 2010

The Change that Fall Brings

Change: It can bring both excitement and anxiety. In Nia, we welcome and embrace change through White Belt Principle #4-Free Dance and changing a move every 2 bars. By changing every two bars, old patterns are broken and new moves are created. My body discovers new sensations and becomes aware of new messages of pain and pleasure.

For me, Fall is always a reminder the change is in the air. The change in the colors of the leaves. Plants begin to go dormant. The squirrels in the yard seem to be playing less and working more. Much less chirping to be heard and the sun feels a little different on the skin. I use to view Fall in the negative-as the beginning of a Michigan Winter to come. The only good thing about Fall-Football. I’ve taken the time this year to really enjoy Fall. To really take time to enjoy the crisp air, the beautiful colors, the farmers markets, the crackling of leaves underneath my feet as I walk. What a beautiful time Fall is. I learned this simply by allowing myself to change my perspective. Life has its bars. I wonder where my life will take me if I’m willing to make a change at every two bars of life.


A new wonderful change for me: I will begin teaching classes on Saturdays at Every Body Happy Yoga & Healing Center starting November 6, 2010 from 11:00a.m. to 12:30p.m. For further information visit my website at www.soulfulmovement.com

Enjoy a few of the Fall photos my husband took while we were at Crystal Mountain this past weekend. http://tamyers.smugmug.com/Landscapes/Crystal-Mountain-Resort/14227472_FNvrR#1051233765_N3T7Y

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