Monday, September 20, 2010

Dancing through Change

As I reflect on this summer, I have to admit how truly blessed I have been at the opportunities I had to experience Nia literally all over the world. I had the chance to go to Canada twice. Once for Nia Palooza and the other to audit a few of the white belt principles. I also had the chance to go to Australia and witness my mentor, Winalee Zeeb, for a whole week as she lead several amazing men and women (photo) through the White Belt Training. Each experience filled my mind, body, soul and spirit and renewed my resolve that without Nia I would be a puddle of nothing but mess!!! As both my personal and professional life continue to experience fast pace change, I am able to hold on and embrace all changes. It doesn't mean that at times, I'm not scared or frustrated or angry but Nia has taught me how to dance through these times. By seeing life as Art, by dancing through life, by creating space and by relying on RAW, I am able to trust fully in the perfection of what is. I hear myself saying out loud: BRING IT ON-NEXT!!