Saturday, March 20, 2010


I'm on my way to Lansing to play with the new Nia routine, Butterfly. I've always had a fondness/connection to butterflies. When I was around 4 or 5 I wondered away from the house, crossed a busy street and my Dad found me playing in a field. According to him he started yelling at me for leaving the yard and I innocently looked at him and said "Daddy I was just following the butterfly" He said at the look on my face made it difficult for him to continue yelling and he just grabbed me and hugged me. My favorite exhibit at the Detroit Zoo is the Butterfly House. When my kids were young, my favorite book to read to them was the "Hungry Caterpillar". I read it so many times to my daughter that she had it memorized to the point that people thought she was reading early. I have been going through a transformation myself lately. I've shed my cocoon and over the last year have lost 85 pounds. I'm slowly learning to live in the moment and am shifting from "charging through life" to "joying through life" Ahhhhhh!! The joy of change and transformation.

....And pop, out came a beautiful butterfly.